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It is expected that the following list of responsibilities be performed on a daily basis by the sales assistant:

1) Stand up to greet the guest walking in the front door: When possible, if working with a customer and another guest enters, acknowledge the new guest and let them know you will be with them shortly.

2) Have every customer fill out a guest card: The main items needed on the guest card include the date of the visit and the customer’s email address. If customer refuses to complete the guest card, complete the card yourself with as much information as you can obtain. Again, be sure the date of the visit is noted on the guest card.

3) Check to see if there are any phone messages as soon as you arrive:

4) Answer incoming phone calls: With a pleasant voice and greeting, stating the community name and your name.

5) Do not answer the incoming phone calls: If working directly with a customer. Check for messages periodically throughout the day.

6) When opening the model home: Turn on all lights and replace light bulbs that have burned out.

7) Brochures: Check to make sure there is an ample supply of brochure packets for the weekend and the upcoming week. Keep an inventory of the brochure inserts that we have in stock and notify sales manager when supplies need to be replenished.

8) Keep an inventory list:  Of office supplies and staples. Items like water, paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, trash bags, copy paper etc. When items are running low, place order.

9) Enter guest cards: Every Friday in the Prospect list on the computer.

10) Keep the model home tidy throughout the day: For example, empty trash cans as needed, do not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, Swiffer spots on hardwood floor, periodically sweep front porch, fluff comforters in bedrooms, etc.

11) Selection Room: – Keep room tidy. Put all samples away and make sure tile boards are in order.

12) Options: – Clearly learn and understand all options available to the customer, as well as the cost. Do not quote cost if uncertain.

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